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Josh Jaiman
Josh Jaiman   
Joshua "Zamar" M. Jaiman Joshua Mikhail Jaiman was born on August 30 1990, is a Puerto Rican bass guitar player from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Joshua started playing the bass at the age of 15 and around that same time he started attending Kingdom Life Christian Church in Milford, CT. Joshua started attending the youth ministry, "IMPACT!" Shortly thereafter was asked to participate in the Youth Praise and Worship team. Although he had just started playing the bass, he quickly started picking up the basics and not long after he was playing right along with the other musicians. During this time Joshua started feeling the Lord pressing him and was Saved and Water Baptized. As he played he felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit and quickly discovered that God wanted him to continue in the music ministry. During his time at Kingdom Life, Joshua served on the youth ministry and in the Spanish music ministry. He played at the church sponsored Summer Camp, receiving the Leadership Award in 2008 for his influence in the music and youth ministry.

Joshua has also played with the Central High School Gospel Choir in Bridgeport, CT under the leadership of Sheena Graham. It also started a "breakthrough" in Joshua’s playing and the development of his musical style. He started combining aspects of Spanish Gospel, Contemporary Gospel and Contemporary Christian music into his repertoire.

In 2009, Joshua traveled with the Central High School Gospel Choir to Virginia beach, for choir competition "Fiesta-val" Joshua received a trophy and a medal for Best Musical Accompaniment. The event had school choirs from across the country and had in participation more than 3000 students. Prior to "Fiesta-Val, the school played various venues and churches. It was during this time that he met Apostle Kelvin Newton, Pastor of the Greater Works Deliverance International Ministries INC. of Bridgeport, CT. Joshua felt God calling him to this Church and found it was time to move on. Joshua’s playing was further anointed by this move and the various venues that he has played as part of the Music Ministry "Another Dimension©" at Greater works, with our first CD release, Praise and Worship: In the Kingdom.

Joshua has played for Mitchell Jean and A.L.P. (Another Level of Praise), Sony recording artist Daniel Smart, recording Artist Joann Rosario, Tammy Harrison & New sound , Denise Powell, Ty McKoy of Youthful Praise and leader of the Cathedral of Praise youth choir (but has recently gone home to be with the Lord) David McClure of Youthful Praise a B.A.S.I.C ( Brothers and Sisters in Christ) Terrell Brown & Divine Purpose, Pastor Chris Edwards, and Beatrice Somerville from "Cathedral of Praise", Bishop J.C. White.

Joshua also just returned from the NAMM show "turn it up to 11" in California, where he had the chance to perform with many well known artist.

Joshua Mikhail Jaiman lives by the verse in Psalm 144:1 "Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle" as the inspiration for his music and life.

Quote from Artist:
I use the Streamliner 900 amp and the GB 410 UB-4 cabinet, the combination of these two products have produced the sound that I have longed for. Being a gospel bassist there are so many different sounds required in my playing style, this system brings such a new dimension of definition to my playing and a new confidence to me as a player and minister. Crisp highs, warm round lows, and amazing mids, no matter how I have to play this system is able to perform well beyond any system on today's market. The best things are I set my amp and never have to turn around again to adjust, and the sleek design and low weight allow me to travel so much easier with it while I'm on the road. Genz-Benz is by far the best amps and speakers on the market today, nothing compares. THANK YOU SO MUCH JEFF!!

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