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Jon Squires
Jon Squires   
Performs with: Se7en Sided

Though rock may often be defined within the context of driving lead guitars and heavy drums, there is the rare occasion wherein one will discover a bass player that stands out among all of the distortion. Bassist Jon Squires is certainly one of those who has taken it upon himself to hone his craft, and make it known when he hits the stage.

Though young, Squires has been playing the bass for 14 years. Having trained under accomplished bassist Chicco Parisi Lalonde (Fandango, Sadist) and professional producer and bassist Phillip Ings, and taken influence from bassists such as Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Abram Laboriel Sr. and Flea, Squires brings an array of influences to the table, that make for a unique, yet infectious sound.

Having played with several acts both on the Christian and secular scene, Squires is currently playing with Canadian pop rock band Se7en Sided, where he apparently plans to stay. “Playing in Se7en Sided has brought me some amazing opportunities to share the stage with some great acts like Social Code, Soul Side In and Default, while also getting nation wide radio play. Though I have had some opportunities to play with some great bands, Se7en Sided is where I see myself for a very long time….”

Quote from Artist:
I’m not much of a gear head, and playing in a rock band like Se7en Sided demands that I play some heavier, more driving bass, while on the side I love to still play gospel and funk. That being said I needed an amp that could do it all, yet was easy to operate. The Genz Benz GBE 750 with the XB3 410 and 115 cabs have proven to be the most versatile and enjoyable amp I have ever played.


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