In 2009, Genz Benz celebrates our 25th Silver anniversary.

From the very beginning, my wife Cathy and I worked with dedication and determination to build this company from the ground up. We are grateful to have had the help and support of many talented people to reach this milestone.

I am deeply proud of what we’ve accomplished in building GENZ BENZ into a respected global brand. After 25 years it is humbling to think that what started in my garage now has a presence on the international stages of Grammy-winning, multi-platinum recording artists.

From our close-knit design team to our dedicated staff, Genz Benz has grown to achieve worldwide acclaim for intuitive designs and exceptional build quality in the very competitive arenas of guitar, bass and acoustic amplifi cation.

Many of the design features and products you see today are a direct result of my background as a professional musician and the understanding of what it takes to rely on these products night-after-night in real-world situations.

Our passion, commitment, integrity and unsurpassed customer service at all levels is what makes an amplifi er a GENZ BENZ. We are unequalled in that pursuit.

You have my personal commitment. After all, it is my name on each and every product and I wouldn’t have it any other way..

Best Regards,
Jeff Genzler
Founder / Builder / Player

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