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> GENZ BENZ Introduces Second Generation of Popular SHUTTLE®6.2 and SHUTTLE®9.2 Bass Amplifier Series

January 01, 2012
GENZ BENZ Introduces Second Generation of Popular SHUTTLE®6.2 and SHUTTLE®9.2 Bass Amplifier Series

Shuttle 6.2 Series
GENZ BENZ is proud to introduce the new SHUTTLE®6.2 series and SHUTTLE®9.2, the 2nd generation of the acclaimed SHUTTLE® series of lightweight, high-output bass amplifiers. The GENZ BENZ SHUTTLE® series has been the benchmark in innovation and lightweight bass amplifier design since its introduction in 2008.

The new SHUTTLE®6.2 series and SHUTTLE®9.2, feature enhanced performance and versatility with increased tube gain and the addition of proprietary 3-Dimensional Power Management analog technology (3DPM™). The 3DPM™ adds heft and girth to each individual note, enhances the amplifier’s responsiveness and headroom, and maintains dynamics while delivering an exceptional 3-dimensional feel. The result for the SHUTTLE®6.2 series is a 600-watt high-powered tour-class bass guitar amplifier that certainly outperforms its mere 3.75 lbs size, and a 900-watt high powered tour-class bass amplifier for the SHUTTLE®9.2 (that only weighs 4 lbs!).

The 12AX7 tube preamp in each of the SHUTTLE®6.2 series and SHUTTLE®9.2 offers additional gain for added overdrive versatility, an Active EQ section with a parametric mid-range network, and GENZ BENZ’s Global Signal Shaping circuitry.

In addition to the amplifier enhancements, the NEW SHUTTLE®6.2-12T and SHUTTLE®6.2-210T combos now feature newly designed proprietary high-output Neodymium cast frame speakers, which deliver increased output and thicker, responsive tone. These performance enhancements, and the brand new look of the SHUTTLE®6.2 series still hold true to the lightweight, portable style of the original SHUTTLE™ models.

The power section of the SHUTTLE®9.2 features patent-pending “Proprietary Heat Abatement Technology” (P.H.A.T.) that keeps the high-powered, compact amplifier running cool under long-term power demands. The innovative design of the SHUTTLE®9.2 produce most compact, light, and powerful amplifier available, and blends the best of analog and digital platforms for the ultimate in bass amplification.

SHUTTLE®6.2 $899.00
SHUTTLE®6.2-12T $1,599.00
SHUTTLE®6.2-210T $1,799.00
SHUTTLE®9.2 - $1,099.00

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