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April 26, 2005
Music Maker El Diablo 100 & GBE 600 Reviews

Reprinted by permission of Music Maker.

Rock n' Roll Work Horse

Upon laying my hands on this baby for the first time, I knewsomething sinister was lurking inside, waiting to beunleashed from its silent tomb only to spread its deafeningwrath over the yearning masses. I’m talking about the allnew GENZ BENZ el Diablo 100 tube head that has reachedour local shores with the devastating force of a directmeteor hit, and as the name implies, it’s hotter than hell. From the flick of the power switch itbecame clear to me that I was dealing withsomething that was in a league of its own,as the liquid blue glow of all four EL34 PowerTubes washed over the rugged, heavy-dutysteel chassis that makes up the bullet proofexterior of this Rock ‘n Roll work horse, and to add a little morecomfort to the mix, the head has been fitted with genius engineered "Edge Lift" handles for maximum controlwhen transporting.

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