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April 29, 2005
Guitar One El Diablo 60-TS Review

Reprinted by permission of Guitar One Magazine.

Genz Benz El Diablo 60-TS
Hotter Than Hell

By Douglas Baldwin
For over two decades, Genz Benz cabinets have been a magic ingredient of sorts, able to make almost any rig come alive. So it was a logical step for the company to develop a line of amps to place atop those brilliant speaker boxes. Two years ago, guitarists raved about the El Diablo 100 head; the El Diablo 60 now puts this roaring demon into a smaller package while delivering the same sinfully wide range of tones as the orginial.

Devil or Angel?
The El Diablo 60-TS head runs two channels through a pair of EL34 tubes in either the 60W (pentode) or the 30W (triode) mode. The triolde mode it not simply a 'volume reduction' switch - it really turns the El Diablo into a warm, juicy vintage amp with bogs of sag. In either mode, the warm channel handesl the clean chores, while the gain control commands bell-like clarity or naughty graininess.

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