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  Black Pearl
  Commentary by John Hiatt
  Overview by Jeff Genzler
  British Hard Rock
  Neck Pick-up Solo
  El Diablo
  Overview by Jeff Genzler
  Clean Tone
  Hot Channel Metal
  Hot Channel Scoop Metal
  GBE 1200
  Overview by Jeff Genzler
  Finger Tone
  Signal Shaping
  Slap Tone
  Neo-Pak 3.5
  Finger Tone
  Slap Tone
John Hiatt Black Pearl Video Demo

Please enjoy this video of an impromptu moment of John Hiatt and his Black Pearl.


We are very proud of our affiliation with the legendary composer, guitarist and performer, John Hiatt. Our relationship started when John “discovered” our Shenandoah line of acoustic amplification on his own accord; he’s been playing them ever since.

A little story of which we are especially proud: Although a loyal user of our Shenandoah acoustic amplifiers, Mr. Hiatt was unaware we made electric guitar amplification as well. Needing an electric amp for his new studio, he asked the legendary, Nashville guitarist Brent Mason, what he would recommend. Mr. Mason replied with the Genz-Benz Black Pearl.

Since that recommendation and after a subsequent Black Pearl test drive, Mr. Hiatt has been using Genz Benz for both his acoustic and electric amplifier needs.

For more information on the Black Pearl click here.

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